Did you build a website for your business and now find yourself asking, Now What? Do you own a website that may help you market your business? Do you have time for the continual online marketing that is needed to keep your product range in front of new clients? Have you ever searched for a manufacturers product online only to be flooded with Chinese and foreign results? Online Catalogue addresses this issue by putting South African products back in the search and back in front of potential customer’s eyes. Branding all products under one roof our aim is to become the #1 site for manufacturing, raw materials, B2B supplies and consumer products. If you stock it we want it!

Online Catalogue is a leading B2B and B2C catalogue marketplace that connects buyers with suppliers all over . With the digital age entering its full swing in , Online Catalogue has developed a website that will help make use of online marketing to its full capacity. We provide the marketing support to the website allowing you to gain more exposure.

In today’s world, Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO) is critical to the success of any business that wants to market their business online. SEO is a critical part of marketing their presence on the internet. Not coming up on a search engine first page will leave you short changed. The main aim of SEO is to get the website higher in the rankings of keywords that are relevant to your business. There are techniques there will we offer to improve the success of this operation. Without a full online presence, you will struggle to maximise the full power of the internet and will be unlikely for you to attract the correct customers to your business.

Online Catalogue is a South African website to help business market their products to other businesses or consumers. The online shopping framework helps businesses trade with customers by allowing the customer to contact them directly by either emailing direct or phoning them up. Our aim is to connect the businesses with customers they would generally not know about. Online Catalogue is so much more than your usual online business directory, where you just add your business and a description of what you do. With Online Catalogue you list your business as well as numerous products, in a laid out catalogue fashion. Our Online Shopping framework allows multi vendor businesses to market their various products in one space. By doing this, this allows buyers to visit one location to find what products they are looking for.

Suppliers and manufacturers can post and promote their products in our market place portal. Buyers can search and contact suppliers easily by our multiple categories and keywords. Join the online catalogue portal and boost your business and benefit from this unique selling tool. Each product you list will have its own page with its unique description, rating description and links to your website and details in which the potential customers can contact you by directly.

Products will be listed in easy identifiable categories in which users will have no doubt in where to find a product. Prices do not have to be included as you are marketing to customers what sort of products you do supply and they can contact you directly for quotes. The unique front end product loading system was designed with an ease of use in mind. Even the most novice internet user will soon be able to add products hassle free.

The internet is an impressive channel in which you can market your products or services. The team from Online Management has developed a website that helps you market your products and services to locally based people in your area. Online Catalogue is promoting an internet site that can help the business develop leads. Online Catalogue is a leading B2B and B2C marketplace that connects various suppliers with buyers across South Africa. Suppliers and manufacturer post their various products under one website and Online Catalogue helps promote their products in out market place portal. Buyers can search and contact suppliers easily by our multiple categories and keywords built into the website.

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