Recruitment Meets Communication – Puseletso Mompei

Recruiters under the limelight

Puseletso Mompei

In the process of recruitment, there tends to be a belief that the spotlights sit firmly above the prospective employee. Along with their credentials and experience, their communications skills are up for scrutiny. Their written and verbal skills are critiqued, and their appearance and body language are analyzed to see if they are a good fit or not.

The flip side is that prospective employees, likewise judge the Human Resources personnel of a company to see if they want to join on their team. Human Resources personnel are the face of the company in a lot of ways; outsiders see them as the barometer of a company’s culture, as expressing its values and setting the tempo and pace for the internal workings of the company. Therefore the Human Resources professional’s image and conduct plays a crucial role in attracting top professionals.
In order to engage with and appraise high level candidates, Human Resources personnel require matching, if not better, written and oral skills. These should be coupled with a knack for reading people, and weighing their strengths and weaknesses in a way which is tactful and professional.

It is often said that a company or organization is only as good as its people. If a Human Resources Manager is not able to successfully recruit the skills an organization needs to thrive, this can result in weak team composition which in the long run compromises productivity and profitability. Poor written or speaking skills such as the use of slang in professional e-mails, projecting a disappointing image through weak handshakes or lack of phone etiquette, have the potential to repel highly prized talent.
In these dynamic times, when communication channels have opened up with the proliferation of electronic tools, it is imperative that the skills, as well as image of Human Resources personnel be up to scratch to ensure the success of their company, as well as their own personal accomplishment.

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